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The United Kingdom (UK) is a beautiful country that is home to a rich diversity of languages, cultures, religion and cuisines. It is divided into England/London, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The UK has been known for being a centre of quality education globally since centuries back. One of the major reasons why postgraduates opt to study in the UK is the one-year duration of the PG programmes. Universities have set up counselling centres and grievance cells to facilitate smooth induction of international students in the country. In fact, London has been voted the 5th most student-friendly city in the world.



The country you attain a degree is far more important than the degree you earn. The UK would be the best choice for Indian students in this regard. The degrees are globally recognized and of the highest standard. The UK has more than 395 universities and colleges, three of which rank among the top 10 universities in the world. The most reputed being:

  1. University of Oxford
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. Imperial College London
  4. UCL
  5. London School of Economics and Political Science


  1. The cost of study in the UK is not as scary as you think. It’s affordable since the courses are shorter than what is offered in other countries. A lot can be saved on tuition fees and accommodation costs. If you’re willing to spend the same amount that you spend in India, you are guaranteed to pass out from some of the top-notch and sought-after universities in the world!
  2. Yes, the language spoken in the UK is English, but IELTS is not mandatory for studying in the country.
  3. The visa process is hassle-free.
  4. Earn part-time while you study.
  5. Year gap and back paper are a real fuss in India, but not in the UK.
  6. Partners can move in with students.
  7. The post-study-work system has been reestablished in the UK
  8. As the UK welcomes students from all over the world, they are exposed to global culture during the college years.

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  • Time zone : GMT+1
  • Climate :UK is cool and often cloudy and rainy. High temperatures are infrequent
  • On average, the temperature ranges from 18 to 25 °C (64 to 77 °F)
  • Language :ENGLISH
  • Capital City :LONDON


  1. University of Greenwich
  2. St'marys University London
  3. De Montfort University
  4. Northumbria University
  5. University Of Hertfordshire
  6. Birmingham City University
  7. UWS - West Scotland
  8. Heroit watt University
  9. Middlesex University
  10. UCLan- University of Central Lancashire
  11. Chester University
  12. Teeside University
  13. University of East London
  14. Anglia Ruskin University
  15. University of West London
  16. Lincoln University
  17. Manchester University
  18. Liverpool Johnmoores

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