Textile Engineering

Textile Engineering

Textile Engineering is in growing demand due to diverse cultures and traditions around the world and it is one of the most popular disciplines in engineering/technology. "Textile Engineering" is a big research field of technology that deals with all activities of producing textile fabric & yarns which are involved in the process of textile manufacturing. It includes process engineering that spins around the garment, colour, and fabric line of industries.

The technology and science in Textile Engineering comprise designing and controlling all aspects of fibre, textile & apparel processes, fibre, clothing products, and machinery. Textile engineers are involved in many aspects of textile manufacturing, from process engineering, R&D, production control, technical sales, quality control, and types of equipment to procedures that create all these fibres, fabrics, and Yarns.

Many public and private universities/colleges have launched specialization courses in Textile Manufacturing/Textile Engineering. After successful completion of the Textile Engineering course, there will be plenty of varied job opportunities have emerged for those trained in this domain.

Skilled textile engineers are required by the top companies. If a candidate is planning for a career in this field then he/she should begin with an undergraduate programme followed by a master's programme in Textile Engineering


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