China witnessed major growth in the education sector in the last 2 decades. With 2900 colleges and universities, the country has plans to raise 100 universities in China to superior global standards. It also aims to create a union of universities called c9 league, which will be similar to the US Ivy League.


Top Universities in China

Some of the elite universities in China are


  1. Tsinghua University
  2. Peking University
  3. University of Science and Technology of China
  4. Zhejiang University
  5. Fudan University.


Why Study in China

Let’s see what makes China a popular destination for higher studies among Indian students.


  1. The cost of pursuing MBBS in China is low when compared to India. Most Indian students fly to China for a degree in Medicine.
  2. Although classes were taught in Chinese earlier, more universities have opted English as the primary language of teaching taking into consideration the number of international students in Chinese universities.
  3. China and countries like the US, UK, France, and 65 other countries signed a deal for mutual recognition of degrees.
  4. China is a dominant economy today. Proficiency in the Chinese language, a degree from Chinese institutes, and work experience in China will give a perk to your job profile.


  1. Ningbo University
  2. China Medical University
  3. Wuhan University
  4. Jiangsu University
  5. China Three Gorges University
  6. Dalian Medical University
  7. South East University
  8. Jilin University
  9. North Sichuan University
  10. Nantong University
  11. Shandong University
  12. Guangzhou Medical University
  13. Xinjang Medical University
  14. Sichuan Medical University
  15. Sun Yat Sen University

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