Bulgaria is a country in Southeast Europe, which has a diverse culture with Greek, Slavic, Ottoman, and Persian influences.



The best thing about Bulgaria is that the educational system offers a lot of courses and disciplines to choose from, be it medicine, mathematics, technical subjects ( computer sciences, engineering), chemistry, biology, or linguistics. Sometimes, double degrees are offered which are technically a Bulgarian degree along with a degree from a partner university.


  1. Sofia University
  2. New Bulgarian University
  3. Varna Free University
  4. Technical University
  5. The University of National and World Economy




  1. Although the quality of education is very high in Bulgaria, and only excellent students can pass with flying colours, it is relatively easier to get into Bulgarian universities.
  2. Most students choose Bulgaria to pursue a degree in Medicine as the internship is free and can be done in Bulgaria or nearby countries.
  3. Bulgarian degrees are recognized all over the world.
  4. Reasonable tuition fees and cost of living.
  5. Safe environment.
  6. It only takes 500 km to travel from one end of Bulgaria to another. The transportation system is also excellent in Bulgaria.
  7. Classes are predominantly taught in English.


  1. Plovdiv Medical University,Plovdiv
  2. Sofia Medical University,Sofia
  3. Varna Medical University,Varna
  4. Pleven Medical University,Pleven
  5. Trakia University, Stara Zagora

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